Sierra K. Houser

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Throughout the course of this project, Janet and I went through several iterations as we tried to find the perfect audience and apearance for this film.


Original passes included a series of shorts where all 3 products would be advertised to 3 target demographics: young adult, parents, and seniors. This ended up being too general and also meant we’d have to work in 3 different styles and we realized that we needed to be even more specific.

Even once we had focused on a specific target audience of young/urban adults, we still had issues of the project feeling too corporate and, quite honestly, boring. We spent several weeks combing through old boards and making new ones until we got to a point that we were satisfied with.

The desired outcome was to make an energetic and visually appealing animation that would be showed at some type of trade show to acompany the launch of the new line of hypothetical products. The video would show funsionality while simultaneously creating interest and excitement in the viewers.